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From the author:

Advocating for Child Literacy begins with fresh, rich and relatable stories.  Many of us remember that feeling of thunder racing through our heart as we listened intently to our favorite stories.  As young readers experience all the excitement of life, I hope to add, encourage and inspire through Kid Literature.  I understand the critical role reading plays in a clild's life, so I penned Energetic School- Age Themes and Organic Creative Characters to inspire a lasting love of literature.  Connecting through reading creates sweet dreams, sweeter memories, and sprouts the sweetest of children!  

In the world of  fast-paced conveyor belt books, the author decided to embrace the Artisan way.  Farm to Table Reading seemed only natural to Suzanne Rothman.  The author writes, designs, and illustrates her books.  After all, well crafted writing isn't just produced ~ it's capable of producing great change. Help her spread the gentle strength of reading across the world! 


Author Suzanne Rothman

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